summer course film

AUB Film Making (Summer course)

Hands-on Film Making

Create your own short film and learn the fundamentals of the filmmaking process with this fast paced summer course.

Ideal for budding filmmakers, you will be introduced to the creative and technical aspects of making a film, from storyboarding through to post-production.

You will develop a screenplay, shooting script and storyboard for a short fiction film, taking part in pre-production tasks such as casting, developing a narrative and location scouting, before beginning the live film shoot and post-production sessions.

Working together as a film crew you will rotate roles to get varied experience of the entire film process, covering important aspects such as how to light a scene and gain practical experience using professional camera and sound equipment.

During post-production you will explore and experiment with image and sound editing software in our film digital suites to get your short film ready for presentation and screening at the end of the course.


Sat 01 Jul 17 - Thu 31 Aug 17

Arts University, Wallisdown Road, Poole