PoD Programme 2018-1

The personal and the political

Norwegian Dance Company, Panta Rei Danseteater will be bringing their physically demanding performance to Pavilion Dance South West (PDSW) on Thursday 26 April, 7.30pm. The production is choreographed by Rachel Erdos and explores the individual dancers’ true memories, vulnerabilities and journeys through life with fast-paced colourful dance theatre. Connecting personally and politically with audience members, Promise of Departure finds itself increasingly relevant to current global issues.

The three dancers focus on their mantra to ‘keep on dancing’ as they question ‘Is vulnerability a weakness?’ Using their own personal regrets and stories in the first half, they push their physicality and themselves over and over again. In the second half, Promise of Departure questions public vulnerabilities, taking audiences out of their comfort zones. Deeply emotive and touching, Promise of Departure finds a positive way forward with the dancers revealing resolutions for their regrets.

Thu 26 Apr 18, 19:30

Tickets: £14/£12/£10/£8

Pavilion Dance South West